Newsletter 61

Openworkshop dayon the 29th ofApril

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Newsletter 60

Victory at the HealeyDriver International Donald Healey Memorial Trophy race at Silverstone

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Newsletter 59

Racing to victoryat Silverstone!

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Newsletter 58

Healeyracing at Silverstone

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Newsletter 57

Opening ceremony

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Newsletter 56

Ournew workshop is nearcompletion!

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Newsletter 55

New workshop progresses!

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Newsletter 54

More parts and new workshop being built!

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Newsletter 53

New website launched!

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Newsletter 52

"Kings of the Castle"

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Newsletter 51

Breaking News - Reed All About It

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Newsletter nr 46

Newsletter October 2012

Click the _newsletter down below to read the latest _news about the team's success at Healey Driver International - John Gott Memorial Trophy race at Castle Combe 6th october.

Newsletter October 2012

Newsletter August II

Newsletter August II 2012

Newsletter August

Newsletter August 2012

Newsletter July

Newsletter July 2012

Pole and podium at Velodromloppet!

The first two races of the season are now completed. The laptimes have improved from 2011 and the team is working as hard as ever to continously improve the car.

Read our latest _newsletter to find out more!

Newsletter June 2012

Top Team Performance at Seasons Opener

Newsletter May 2 2012

Ongoing activities!

Check-out the teams Newsletter 36 and find out the latest happenings in the workshop, on the track and in the marketing/sponsorship business. Two race-cars has been successfully tested, two additional sponsors has joined the team and preparations for the first round of the Swedish Historic Championship are ongoing. Click the _newsletter down below to read more!

Newsletter May 2012

Winter activities!

As usual the winter does not mean time to rest. The team is very busy in the workshop and currently three customer projects are in the pipeline. Two race cars and one fast road car are being prepared and all shall be ready by May.

Check out our latest _newsletter and the video from Falkenbergs Motorbana and Jyllandsringen.

Newsletter February 2012

Sucessfull end to the season!

The team participated in finals of the Danish Historic Champioanship at Jyllandsringen
1-2nd of October.
A  very eventfull weekend on a twitchy circuit resulted in the Swedish flag at the top. Click the _newsletter to read the latet _news.

Newsletter October 2011

Repeated success at Falkenberg!

The team had one goal in mind when Arriving at Falkenbergs Motorbana.
Check out the latest _newsletter to see the result.

Newsletter Septermber 2011

In-car video from Race 1 at Ring Knustorp

Thanks to Richard Ljunggren and his great interest for cars and capturing action on video the team is happy to present this video. It was filmed during Race 1 at "Svenskt Sportvagnsmeeting" 9th July 2011. "A hard battle between me and an E-type… I can't say that I was invited to celebrate the E-type's 50th birthday…!" says driver Anders

Click the picture to the right to see the action!

Newsletter August 2011

Improvements closes gap from previous year!

Following the unlucky start of the season the team was back at speed at Svenskt Sportvagnsmeeting at Ring Knustorp.
"Cutting another second off our laptimes from the same race last season shows that we have done progress again!" says driver Anders.
Two eventuful races describes the weekend pretty well.
Check out Newsletter 31.

Newsletter July 2011

Big improvement in speed...then disaster at seasons opener!

Following the teams improvemnt on engine output and brakes the car was running very fast and strong for the frist qualifying session at Historic Motorsport Denmark's race at Ring Knustorp.
"I did about 8-9 laps and the car felt better than ever. However, suddenly I heard the noise that no driver or mechanic wants to hear" says driver Anders. Major damage occured in cylinder 6 when the exhaust valve had cracked and destroyed both cylinder head, piston and cylinder bore.
The team doesn't know what happened first but possible fatigue of the valve metal or a loose valveseat was the start of it. The team is currently assemblying a new engine and will be back in action for the Velodromloppet at Gelleråsen 17-19th of June.

Newsletter May 2011

Great improvments on engine output!

In preparation for the 2011 season, the team has rebuilt the 2010 engine incorporating some significant upgrades and improvements.  The team intends to use the engine as a spare and for further testing.  The upgrades have included a new camshaft and revised ignition system. "These upgrades have raised the power to 284 Hp from 257 Hp last year … and at 300 RPM less" commented team driver Anders Schildt

Newsletter March 2011

Winter up-grades on the way!

The team is working hard to further improve the car during the winter. A completely new engine will be fitted with a lot of up-graded bits. The engine from 2010 will be inspected and up-graded with the latest parts to create a proper spare engine for the team. The fuel system will receive a second pump and an all new lighter fuel tank designed by the team is already fitted. Also a new silencer, transmission tunnel, drive shafts and much more is on its way!

We are proud that all sponsors from 2010 are with us also for 2011. It shows that our sponsors value their participation and they are getting a good return on their investment - either in marketing, product evaluation or through our professional appearance!

A lot of new parts are currently under construction and manufacturing. As always the parts will be available through AH performance Spares. Please take a look under our "Parts" page.

The race calendar is also up-dated though still a preliminary schedule.

Newsletter January 2011

Season ending…

The season is over and list of winter activities is long. Click on the
picture on the right to see the teams latest creation produced by
Fredrik at

Newsletter October 2010

Double outright victory - in the dry!

The team made an impressive effort at the seasons last races securing a double outright victory at Falkenberg 25-26th september. Qualifying in wet condition should have seen the car in pole position but due to a broken alternator only a few laps were completed and put the Healey in 2nd on grid for race 1. The E-type of Johan Sohlman took the lead on the dry circuit but was passed after two laps seeing the Healey taking over the lead. Crossing the line after 15 laps Anders, the teams driver, had a comfortable 8 second lead to the E-type and another 2 seconds on the Lotus Elan in 3rd.

Race 2 on Sunday was started from pole position but the little leight weight Lotus got off the line quicker and took the lead followed by the Healey, Jaguar E-type and Ford Falcon. A brave manouver on the outside of the corner coming onto the straight on lap two saw the Healey back in the lead. For the remaining 13 laps the Lotus was glued to the back of the Healey and created a very exciting race. The flag dropped and the team took the second victory for the weekend in dry conditions!

Newsletter September 2010

Test-sessions and show replaces Nürburgring race

Following the problems from the Swedish Sportscarmeeting the team and its main sponsor AH Spares Ltd decided it was time to do proper testing and evaluations on the car. "We don't want to go to a race knowing that we are are very fast but not durable enough" - says team engineer Hans Bengtsson. Two full test sessions has been performed and modern technology like data- and GPS-loggin has been used. It has provided the team with highly valuable information and instantly gives a scientific exposure of how the car and driver reacts to different set-up changes. "I believe this will help us cut laptimes and shorten the time to reach maximum speed at new cicuits" - says driver Anders Schildt.

Newsletter August 2010

Swedish Sportscar Meeting

Swedish Sportscar Meeting is the largest Racing event in Scandinavia. It is held at the teams home curcuit Ring Knutstorp and organized by MSCC. The team was very well prepared but since the hot summer weather had arrived overheating was a big problem throughout the weekend. Qualifying had to be divided into section of fast and cooling-down laps. "Starting from 7th in race 1 and keeping up with the cars in front and then having to back off due to engine temperature problems is not fun!" - says driver Anders. After some adjustments to the ignition the second race went better. Starting from 7th and finishing 7th was okay considering that the car ran on 4 cylinders for the second half. The team would like to thank all it's supporters and people that came to see us in the pits and on track. We are overwhelmed by the interest and cheering we have recieved! Thank you!

Newsletter July 2010

Double class victory at seasons first race!

The team has just arrived back from the two races at Gälleråsen Circuit last weekend. Starting from pole position in Race 1 Anders took the lead and held on to it for a few laps. The Lotus 26R of Roger Adamsson eventually overtook Anders but the Jaguar E-type of Johan Sohlman was distanced to third when the flag dropped.
Starting from 2nd position in Race 2 Anders had a spell at the lead before the Lotus 26R got back up to speed and won by approx. 2 seconds. Again the Jaguar E-type finished third.
"We are very please with the weekends result. Having built a complete new engine, transmission and rearaxle and taking pole position immediately is a strong effort! Beating the jaguar E-type which competes in our class was brilliant and a strong performance by the car and Anders" - Says Erik Lindberg, Team Manager for the weekend.

Newsletter June 2010

Ready for testing!

The team has now finalised all the up-grades and modification to the car. The engine has been run in and will be fine-tuned on the dyno shortly. Except for a new engine the car has recieved new brakes, a new rear axle and limited slip diff among many other things. "We are confident the car will be faster than last season and we hope to break our old lap-records again" - says driver Anders.

Newsletter May 2010

Spring up-date, 2010

Season is closing in and the team is busy in the workshop! 
Over the last couple months the team has had time for a UK trip to visit sponsors and the annual Autosport show in Birmingham. Also much time has been spent behind the computer screen to design new and improved parts and of course plenty of time has been spent in he workshop doing all the regular winter maintenance on the car. Basically, we have been and are very busy!
Two new sponsors have joined the team. Borås Motor Corporation AB and Johan & Ulf Aggeryd. Welcome guys!
The webiste you are visitng right now has also be slightly revised an will be more extensive in the future. In-car videos will be availabe from some races and "Parts" and "Calendar" has been added in the menus on the left.
Please click the latest "Newsletter Mars 2010" to get the full up-date of the winters activitis.

Despite the trouble the team secured the championship class win!

Newsletter Mars 2010

November, 2009 -Season finals at Falkenberg!

After the successful UK racing tour the team headed for the last race in the Swedish historic series. Falkenbergs Motorbana hosted the event and the weather was sunnuy and warm. We qualified 2nd on grid and despite beeing third into the first corner we were soon up in second with a gap to the leading Lotus Elan and also to third placed Elan. Unfortunately we made a huge spin going out on the straight and ended up at the back of the field before the chase back up started. When the flag dropped we were up in 4th and collected another class win. For the second race Anders realized the car was down on power and decided to abandon the race not to risk anything. It turned out to be the dirstributor that had come loose and completely changed the igniton settings. Despite the trouble the team secured the championship class win!

Newsletter September 2009

September, 2009 - Successfull UK Racing tour!

The teams racing tour in the UK has been a succes! The 1 hour John Gott Memorial Trophy race at Silverstone on July 11th was the greatest Healey race with 33 Big Healeys on the grid. We spent the practice session to learn the track and then qualified for 3rd on the grid for the race. After a decent start we were up in the lead after 1,5 lap and battled for the whole race with Jeremy Welch swapping the lead many times throughout the race. Eventually Jeremy took the win by 2.6 seconds after some missfiring problems on our car. "It's a shame we had some problem in the end because we were close and had the speed!" said Anders. However, this was the greatest achievement for the team and celebrations took place!

Snetterton hosted round 3 of the UK Healey Championship on the 18-19th July. This championship runs on modern Kuhmo racing tyres which were new to the team. The weather was cold and very rainy but despite dreadful conditions, an unknown track and unknown tires our driver Anders put the car on pole position with a 2 second margin! "Sometimes the dreadful summers in Sweden with many races in the wet pay off!" The race started well and we kept the lead for about ten laps when the gearbox eventually gave up and siezed. Bad luck and very expensive but at least the team showed that the speed is definately there.

The last event of the UK tour was round 5 & 6 UK Healey Championship race held at Brands Hatch 22-23rd August.Extremely hot weather meant that the modern Kuhmo tyres overheated quickly and in race one we were of the track twice. Pure driver misstake. A 4th place in race 1 was still a good achievment on an unknown track for the team. For race two we started in 5th on the grid and took things very easy the first few laps to save the tyres. When the cars in front overhetaed their tyres and made misstakes we could take the lead and finish the race in first, only 0.05 secopnds ahead of David Grace. A very challenging race and a fantastic way to end the UK tour with a victory!

Anders Schildt is now the only foreign driver to ever win an Austin-Healey race in the UK.

The competition the team have met in the UK was very challenging. There are many fast drivers and cars and you really have to give it all you got to keep up with them.

We want to thank the organizers, competetitors and Mr Charles Matthews.

The team are now preparing for the last race of the Swedish Historic Cup at Falkenberg 19-20th September.

Newsletter May 2009

Newsletter May part 2 2009

Newsletter June 2009

June, 2009 - Racing has commenced!

The season has started and the team has finalized two races. The season kick-off at Sturup Raceway was a huge success and double podiums, 2nd and 1st place in the races was a great achivement and an indicaiton that the winter's up-grades had proved to be successfull! The second Race, Velodromloppet, at Gelleråsen proved that team can withstand a high-level at more than one race. Double podium finnishes and 1st in class in both races.

The team are now preparing for the third race, Svenskt Sportvagnsmeeting at Knutstorp 3rd-4th of July before we take the ferry to England for races at Silverstone, Snetterton and Brands Hatch.

Newsletter May 2009

Newsletter May part 2 2009

Newsletter June 2009

March, 2009 - The winter up-grades are well on their way!

The damage to the left hand side has been repaired and painted by the teams excellent panel beater Bengt. Luckily the damage was mainly to the outer body panels and very little damage to the inner body panels.
A new 4 speed gearbox is being assembled. This gearbox will be without overdrive to suit the shorter circuits we race, and save some weight. AH Spares are developing a new Limited Slip Diff which is tailor made to the team and drivers needs. Very exciting! The engine is constantly under development and most improvements will be made to the cylinder head this year.

We are glad to see that AH Performance Spares have decided to keep sponsoring the team and also increase the level of cooperation with development work. We have a lot of new parts in the pipeline that AH Performance Spares will have available for all customers early 2010. ÅBR Motorsport will also continue their sponsoring and supplying excellent racing parts to the team. ÅBR will be present with the team at some of the races this summer. Make sure you don't miss them!

This winter we will focus on getting the new camshaft design working and make sure the engine characteristics will match the rest of the car. Time will also be spent on setting the suspension and balance of the car correctly which will give us an even better handling and a more predictable car.

Newsletter March 2009

January, 2009 - Winter preparations

After a successful season with class victory in every race entered we must say we are very pleased. We have had some engine problems but still managed to break all our old lap records by 2-4% on the circuits we visited. This shows that the new stronger chassis and the fully welded in roll-cage has made dramatic changes to cornering and braking performance. It is obvious that power is not everthing!

This winter we will focus on getting the new camshaft design working and make sure the engine characteristics will match the rest of the car. Time will also be spent on setting the suspension and balance of the car correctly which will give us an even better handling and a more predictable car.

A big effort will be spent on extending our range of sponsors and partners. If you would like to sponsor the team, or know anyone who would like to get involved plase contact the team at:

Our goal for next season is to compete at more international races in mainland Europe besides the Swedish Historic Championship.

October, 2008 - Last two races of the season!

The 2008 season has now ended with the final two MGCC Club Championship races from Sturup Raceway and Ring Knutstorp. The team was very pleased with the cars' performance, as the excellent chassis and setup compensated for the lack of horsepower, as we had to continue to use the old camshaft. The team was the only historic entry at Sturup, so we ended up competing against much more modern machinery. The Healey caused many a raised eyebrow as we finished third overall and improving our lap times from last season by 2.3 seconds! "Sturup is a very tight and twisty circuit which doesn't allow you to relax for a second ... especially in a sideways Healey!" commented our driver Anders. Unfortunately the car was involved in a minor incident resulting in some scrapes and a dent to the left hand side ... luckily, it proved to only be cosmetic and nothing structural! See a video clip from the race by clicking the link below:

Newsletter October 2008

September, 2008 - Return to the front of the grid!

After the dissapointment at Falkenberg during the international Healey race the team deceided to return to the circuit for the National Historic Finals on the 6/7th Septembet giving just 5 weeks to get the car ready for action again. With the help of two ex-rally mechanics, the drivetrain was removed and engine fully dismantled in 2.5 hours! All new parts needed were supplied from the teams excellent sponsor AH Performance Spares and after two weeks the car was complete and ready to race. "The help and support from everyone involved has just been fantastic and so encouraging!" says driver Anders Schildt.

Newsletter September 2008

August, 2008 - "To finish first - first you have to finish!"

We thought we had done all we could to be prepared for the International Healey race at Falkenberg 31st of August. 17 Big Healeys from England, The Netherlands and Sweden were registered for the race. After only three laps of the first practice session we suddenly lost all oilpressure and in a blink of an eye the engine seized. The team removed the sump and found that the gears driving the oil-pump were worn out. "These are the things that happen when you are a small team constantly looking for ares of improvements. It was a great dissapointment but we just have to bite the apple and sort the problems out." says driver Anders Schildt.

Despite only three laps at moderate pace we still qualified 1st on grid for Race 1! "We are so impressed by the speed and appearance of the team that we will do all we can to help Austin-Healey Racing Sweden to develop a new type of camshaft. This camshaft will also be available to our customers once it has been throughly tested" says Jonathan Hill, Manager AH Spares.

Kage Schildt, the father of our driver, attended the same race meeting with his race Healey. He instantly offered to share the drive of his car for the rest of the day which resulted in 4th overall in the Big Healey FIA F class for the duo.

The team would like to thank all attending Healey racers, spectators and the organisers. We have never experienced such great sympathy. We were offered drives in others' cars, engine to be flown over from England and much more. Thank you!

The engine has now been taken out of the car, stripped and new parts are already on their way. We hope to have the car ready for its next outing early September.

Check out the report on the local-TV channel!

Newsletter August 2008


July, 2008 - "Double victory for Austin-Healey Racing Sweden!"

After a good qualifying session we were 1st in class and would start from 5th on the grid for the weekends' races. We had a problem with the new rev limiter which overheated and re-set itself limiting the revs to just 6,000 instead of 7,500 r.p.m. �It was tough trying to race with the problem, as just as the engine was about to come up on cam the power was cut by the limiter" commented driver Anders Schildt. However, despite this problem we won our class and retained 5th place at the flag.

Sunday's race was very wet. Having fixed the rev limiter we were soon up to 2nd place overall, but aqua-plained in the braking zone at the end of the straight ending up in the gravel trap dropping down to 13th. A good fight back to 5th overall and a second class win of the weekend was an excellent result. �Maybe I should have settled for 2nd, but I came here to win ... the double class victories are a great result for the first time out, but to win a race tastes even better!" said our hard-charging driver after the race. We are very pleased and enthusiastic and we know we have plenty of adjustemts and settings to try out on the car ahead of us.

We are now going trhrough everything on the car to make it ready for the International Healey race at Falkenberg on the 31st July. A race that is part of the week long Third European Healey Meeting in Sweden. Immediately after this race we will continue to Denmark for the Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix.

Newsletter July 2008

May, 2008

The assembly of the car has started. Many new parts and refurbished parts are ready to be mounted on the new frame. The bodywork is recieving final adjustments and preparations before painting.

Newsletter May 2008

April, 2008

The car has just come back to the workshop after welding and painting. New frame and many new and straight panels as well as rollcage has been fitted. Assembly has started and should be more or less ready at the end of May. New engine with rev limit at 7500rpm is flight-ready too.

Newsletter April 2008

March, 2008

Newsletter March 2008

November, 2007

Newsletter Nov 2007